It's evident that I'm not a typical 8 AM to 5 PM small business owner. Completing rigorous coursework successfully, let alone a stringent clinical year, while simultaneously operating The Turquoise Vet can be a significant challenge. To maintain mental clarity, ensure I can offer my patients the best quality of care, and maximize my education, I have removed all jewelry until September 2024. Once I start some less stressful, lower-stake rotations, I will re-upload jewelry to be available for purchase. I have included a loose timeline for those curious.  

  1. March-August: No jewelry access 
  2. September: Jewelry will be available 
  3. October - Mid-November: No jewelry access 
  4. End of November - December: Jewelry will be available 
  5. January - May: No jewelry access 

Thank you for your patience and understanding while I work diligently towards receiving my DVM!

- Bailey 




April 27, 2024 — Bailey DeGroat